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Michael Blake wins Daytona 300

2019 Class A Cup Series opener

February 17, 2019
What a fantastic 300 mile race at Daytona!
Jayson Anderson on pole after winning the Class B race the night before and Christopher Pope to his outside would lead the field of 38 to the green. The race went caution free until lap 62, when what appears to be a net code had Gil Gauck and Cedric Ingram colide. It would be the one and only caution! (way better show then the real NASCAR drivers could put on).

The green flag racing scrambled up the stratagies, some drivers pitting in early on the run and other drivers staying out until it was absolutely required. Brian Rainville, Ned Adams, Michael Blake, Pat McWhorter and Hunter Truell all went in together with only 3 laps to go, very minimal fuel no tires and beat most off the pit road retaining the lead. Brian would run out of fuel on the last corner, Ned would put his 66 on the outside and Michael Blake (2018 Cup Champ) would swing three wide grabbing up the side draft off Ned's 66 loosening him up and beating him to the line by a mear 0.040 of a second for the win!

It would be Michael's first win at the 300 mile race! Ned would take 2nd, Sherwood Williford 3rd, Carl Dodson 4th, Chris Kuchta 5th, Jason O'Connor 6th, Hunter Truell 7th, Brian Rainville coasted to 8th, Christopher Pope 9th, and rounding out the top 10 was Pat McWhorter.

1hour 34minutes to complete 120 laps. The race had 10 Leaders with 20 Lead Changes and only 1 caution (4 laps)! Leaders would include TJ Bartel, Jayson Anderson (lead the most laps), Jason Speer, Wayne Grasse, Christopher Pope, Brian Rainville, Chris Kuchta, Carl Dodson, Ned Adams, and eventual winner Michael Blake.

Congratulations to Michael on his Daytona 300 win!

Next up for the NASCAR Cup Series Atlanta 2019. Scheduled green flag at 8:30pm/et.

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A 1:24 diecast replica of the Class A champions car. **Class A Charter required** by Simmortal

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Jayson Anderson takes win!

Saturday Feb 16, 2019

Class B Xfinity Championship opener had Jayson Anderson on pole with Getty Buckner to his out side. The two drivers would lead the 30 car field to green in the 150 mile race. 7 leaders and 25 lead changes, only 2 cautions for 8 laps of the 60, meant lots of racing up front. 1st caution came out on lap 19 when Brian Rainville got into Blair Stephenson spinning several cars to bring out caution. The second caution came out when Getty's engine would let go in front of the field, 12 cars involved and several would go behind the wall, done for the night. In the end Jayson would power his 92 to the front and hold off for his first win at Daytona.

Coming home 2nd was David Hensley, Robb Denhoff 3rd, Ryan Mitchell 4th, Ken Aaland 5th, Randall Ballard 6th, Pat McWhorter 7th, Brian Rainville 8th, Tim Phillips 9th and rounding out the top 10 was Craig Hawkins.

Congratulations to Jayson Anderson on the win!

Next up Atlanta Feb 23, 2019.

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Getty Buckner wins Daytona!

Friday Feb 15, 2019

Class C Truck Championship opener had Marc Mousseau taking pole with Sherwood Williford to his outside. Together they would lead the 30 truck field to green. Marc would lead only 1 lap, before falling back in the pack with over heating issues.

The race went green for the first 48 laps before the 39 of Robb Denhoff got out of shape.
The race would go green with less than 10 to go, and the front group of trucks would battle hard for the lead! With 3 laps to go, Ned Adams would make his move to the outside of Paul Sheldon, Christopher Pope would try follow through on the outside but got a bit loose, and that is all it would take. He and Paul would colide slamming into the 66 truck and bringing out the final caution flag. Multiple trucks were taken out in the wreck and couldn't continue. But up front Getty Buckner would grab up the checkers, followed by Chris James 2nd, Brian Rainville 3rd, Pat McWhorter 4th, Wayne Grasse 5th, Tyler Marble 6th, John Broussard 7th, David Hensley 8th, Jeff Bratten 9th, and rounding out the top 10 would Andrew Nichols.

The 60 lap race would have only the two cautions for 7 laps, 19 lead changes among 7 drivers. Congratulations to Getty on his win!

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Next up will be Atlanta Feb 22, 2019.

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Gary Peterson Jr wins first!

Thursday Feb 14, 2019

The ARCA Championship opener had Gary Peterson Jr leading the field to green. The drivers would run 14 laps prior to the 1 and only caution, "The Big One!" took out all but 8 drivers. The remaining drivers would swap it around, attempts were made high and low, but in the end Gary Peterson Jr would drop to the bottom off 4 and Wayne Grasse could do nothing to hold him off. Gary Peterson Jr would take home his first win!

The race lasted 0h 42m - 50 laps - 5 Leaders - 13 Lead Changes - 1 caution (3 laps) - Laps were lead by John Sullivan, Todd Siebels, Tim Phillips, Wayne Grasse and eventual winner Gary Peterson Jr.

Congratulations to Gary Peterson Jr on the win!

The PRN ARCA series will follow ARCA's schedule as best it can on all the same tracks some changes are due to tracks not being availible in iRacing. Our races will be 100 miles or 100 laps (with a time limit of 1 hour).

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Feb 10, 2019
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Feb 10, 2019
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