Welcome, Last Update: Jul 4, 2020

The IRacing Sporting Code governs and will be enforced for all racing policies and procedures not otherwise addressed in these PRN League rules. For example, black flags issued in violation of the iRacing Sporting Code will NOT be cleared by PRN Admins.

Before reading the standards and rules that apply to this league, you must read and understand the rules that the iRacing simulation enforces. You must also understand how our standards and rules may differ from those enforced by the sim.

Please understand any expression or opinion from any member/driver is solely that person's opinion or expression and not that of the league. The league is impartial and has no opinion regarding teams or their members so long as any team or member of a team doesn't put in peril that which we have built here at the PRN.

The vision of this league is to provide the best Hardcore racing experience you can get anywhere on the internet. League before self is a must and will keep our races close as well as fun. We want you all to enjoy the competition but do so in a manner that keeps friendship as the focal point. We expect all of the drivers in this league to race clean and be respectful of each other at all times. Every driver must understand that the other driver's race is just as important as your race is. Every driver in this league must do everything possible to protect the integrity of each race. Race integrity and etiquette is the sole responsibility of each driver that voluntarily chooses to race in this league.

This league's best asset is its drivers. PRN drivers help rather than turn away drivers who might need help with setups and driver techniques; synonyms: skill, ability, proficiency, expertise, mastery, talent, genius, artistry, craftsmanship; aptitude, adroitness, deftness, dexterity, facility, competence; performance, delivery; informalknow-how

We celebrate in each other's accomplishments and empathize with each other's failures. Only by racing as clean and respectful as humanly possible, we all experience the fun and realism that sim-racing has to offer.

Server Issues

If the server dumps or experiences problems which interfere with the race, then the race will be restarted if feasible or postponed until the end of the season.

Connection Issues

We are racing Online and connection issues occasionally happen. We ask that you show a little understanding when it comes to connection issues and do your part to preserve the race for the league.

This means that if your connection is not real good (i.e. car blinking, moving top to bottom on the race track, or completely disappearing for any period of time) you must first move out of the racing line, then let everyone know where you are on track and then move to the back safely, and if it persists retire from the race. This allows others to have a good race without having to worry about getting taken out by a car that wasn't there a second ago.

If you lose your connection, you may rejoin the race. You will be multiple laps down, (the admin will not give back the laps lost) but you can still race. There will only be THREE rejoin attempts allowed. If you fall out after THREE rejoins, you are done for the night.

Your goal should be to help the league have the best race possible. Place yourselves second to the league.

Minimum Ping

All drivers are required to have cable, DSL, or stable cellular/wireless connection. This keeps the ping low, quality high, and allows for tighter racing and larger fields. Admin will inform drivers of poor connection quality.

Drivers with high pings or low quality are expected to race accordingly by giving plenty of room, falling to the back of the field, or by following any instructions given to them by Admin. If Admin asks you to park your car due to your connection, you must do so and retire from the race.

Car Numbers

Car Numbers will be assigned by the PRN and used in all series. There will be no number changes mid-season unless the PRN admin allow it.

Charter Numbers

Full time drivers and those who have proven their ability will be assigned single or double digit numbers.

Part time driver Numbers

"100" series numbers will be assigned to part time drivers who don't participate fully during the year.

Rookie Stripes

"300" series numbers will be assigned as the PRN Rookie Stripes.

All rookie drivers (those new to the PRN regardless of their iRating or experience in other leagues) will remain with this "300" series number until our admins say it is ok to remove them. A single or double digit number will then be assigned by the PRN admin as available.

To note; if you are a regular and show up to all practices / events this process can be sped up.

Voice Chat

For added features and driver communication, our league runs a voice chat client called Team Speak.

This program allows us to set up 'whisper' keys to speak directly to another driver or group without disturbing other drivers or tying up chat lines.

Additionally, drivers have the ability to create sub-channels as needed to help keep their specific communications clear, such as when drivers are participating in different events.

Open channel voice chat should be held to a minimum at all times during a race session. This includes caution laps, pacing, practice and qualifying. Please use the features available to aid in proper and effective communication for all drivers. Excessive chatting in the main race channel may result in a warning, or being muted, or suspended from future events by an admin.

Admins and Members need a clear race channel to call out if an incident occurs. When an incident happens, call it out and then immediately clear the channel. (no calling anyone out or trying to explain what happened unless otherwise directed by our admins)
Keep all chat to a minimum at all times!

Outbursts should be held to a minimum. Our admins don't wish to hand out any penalty.

Any outburst towards the league admin will be dealt with in the most severe manner possible. DON'T DO IT!

All drivers must follow admin directives at all times!

Flaming and Abusive Language

This is an emotional hobby, and we understand that it is not uncommon to express that emotion with use of foul language. We are still all adults and should try to conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

Any negative outburst or foul language toward another driver or an admin for any racing incident or situation, or repeatedly questioning an admin's call, will result in the offending driver being immediately muted for the remainder of the race for the first offence.

Subsequent infractions will result in more servere penalties including points deductions, race suspensions, and expulsion from the league.

Save frustrations until after the race when they can be addressed with league admins and the reviewing of replays.

Flaming may result in your being muted, a SUSPENSION or EXPULSION from the league!

Scheduled Practices

Official Race Practice - All drivers must be on the track for at least 30 minutes of the official race practice or they will "start and park". An exception can be made on a race by race basis if the driver contacts a race admin prior to the race and advises of their need to arrive late.

It is not fair to the drivers who put hours in to their craft to be taken out by a late show.

Practice is very important and we encourage all of you to participate fully. This is usually the only time you will get to run with each other prior to the actual race. Learning how others drive and how you measure up will help in having a successful race.

Please try to be there if you can on the specified times for your series, or make an attempt to practice in open sessions with league members when possible.

Race Participation

We are looking for drivers who can consistently participate throughout the season. We have moved our season for all NASCAR series from the weekends to the weekdays/weeknights to help with attendance.

Anyone racing for the championship in the top three NASCAR divisions will now have weekends open for family or other outings.


We also understand that there can be valid and unexpected reasons for missing races, such as work, health, and family related issues.
If you know you will be unable to attend a race, drivers will have the chance to setup an approved start and park driver. (thus the provisional points are nolonger required)

(example, start and park, you must take the green, do one lap and then park the car on pit road.)

Drivers who miss 3 races in a row without contacting their Series Admin may be removed from the league. The goal is to keep rosters full all season and not participating without good reason will terminate your membership, allowing other drivers to move up a level and fill the vacant roster spot.

Starts, Restarts and Pacing

When under yellow, pace at a constant speed and DO NOT get more than 1 car length behind the car in front of you. Speeding up then abruptly slowing down causes havoc for the entire pace line. Be smooth. Failure to comply will result in a tail end of the longest line.

The side-to-side motion used to clean off and warm up tires in real life has no noticeable effect in the sim. Do it safely or don't do it at all. If you spin doing this its an automatic EOL.

On all starts and restarts, all cars must remain in line until the start finish line.

If you are lapped, damaged or off the pace, move out of the preferred line and allow the lead lap cars behind you to pass safely after the start finish line on the restart.

Jumping the start means that you accelerate before the green flag is waived to gain a position or an advantage. This includes laying back and timing the start to gain an advantage.

Drivers jumping or laying back on the restart will receive a black flag by the race admin. DON'T DO IT!


Blocking is defined as when a driver changes lanes multiple times to block another from passing. DON'T DO IT!

Within the final 10 laps of a race (or 10 minutes, in the case of timed events), you are allowed ONE lane change to try to protect your position. In all laps prior, all drivers are expected to hold their race line except to pass, or allow another car by.

If you are caught blocking, you will be given a black flag by a race admin. If you are behind someone who is blocking excessively, you are within your rights to attempt to 'move' the blocker out of the way safely, in a manner that does not affect, damage, or otherwise disrupt the race for other drivers.


Incident Rule

PRN Incident Penalties

In keeping with the PRN league’s effort to focus drivers on clean, safe racing the following policy is being implemented in all 3 top NASCAR series:

PRN Incident cap is set at 17.

A driver with 8 incidents will have a drive through penalty to serve, 5 more incidents another pass through penalty and 17 total means Disquailification and loss of all points.

Keep in mind if a driver incurs 12 or over incident points in TWO CONSECUTIVE RACES, the driver will not be allowed to complete the next race on that series schedule.
Option 1 The driver may start and park for points but must remain in the server to receive the points.
Option 2 The driver is to forfeit the start altogether no points.

(example, if you are asked to start and park, you must take the green, do one lap and then park the car on pit road.)

Therefore, any driver who receives 12 or more incident points in two consecutive races the driver is deemed to be an impediment to other drivers and it is an indication that the driver may need time to assess their problems.

PRN Causing a Caution

Our league will review all incidents that cause a caution.
If a driver causes or is involved multiple cautions in one event or back to back races it is possible PRN admins will have a sit down discussion with the driver in the hauler.

NOTE: Admins may park a driver who causes multiple cautions in a single event or in separate consecutive events!

All PRN drivers are responsible for their racing from start to finish. Race clean and green! These rules are a deterrent to dangerous over aggressive driving.

Slow or Lapped Cars

If you are losing time to the car/truck in front of you and have a car/truck working to pass you, PLEASE LET HIM GO! Get behind him and follow. Manage your race and the risks you take during the race. Remember, it is better to finish one position behind the guy you are racing than to not finish at all.

While every driver has a right to try to maintain their lead-lap status, the lapped car bares the added responsibility to race clean when racing a lead lap car. If you are a lap or more down to the race leaders, you must race accordingly.

If you are a lead lap car approaching two lap down cars racing for position, please allow the drivers racing each other to work it out when possible. If you are being pressured from behind for position, notify the slower drivers and ask them to allow you by so everyone can continue their racing safely.

This is a gentleman's agreement more than a rule, as it is in the Monster Energy Cup, and does not apply inside 10 laps to go. All drivers have the right to protect their position when the race is on the line.

Pitting Procedures

NO FAKING PIT ROAD! This is an exception to real racing but is in place for the benefit and safety of all PRN drivers. Make your intentions to pit or not to pit as EARLY as possible (either by positioning your car accordingly and/or voice announcement) and remain committed to your decision. Violating this rule will result in a black flag.

All drivers are expected to execute their stop safely and in accordance with their real world counterparts. DO NOT drive through cars in their pit stalls when entering or exiting pit lane. Stay to the opposite side of pit lane as the crews until you approach your pit stall. Failure to negotiate pit lane safely and by the rules may result in a black flag.

After pitting, MERGE ON THE BACKSTRETCH on ovals, and safely in accordance with the yellow line on road courses. If cars are approaching as you are exiting pits, allow them to maintain race speeds and enter the next turn unobstructed. This applies to all aspects of a session, including practice. Unsafe and improper pit exits may get you black flagged during a race, or ejected from the session during a practice.

Gross Negligence or Unsportsmanlike conduct

Any driver determined by race admin to have exhibited unsportsmanlike conduct either before, during, or after any PRN sponsored racing event will be penalized as follows:

DQ'd and forfeit all earned race points, a written apology must be submitted to the other driver and the league prior to the next event. A fine of $25.00 paid to PRN prior to entering any subsequent PRN event; if a pre-race (i.e. practice) incident, the driver cannot start the upcoming race and will be removed from the server.

Unsportsmanlike conduct includes such acts as intentionally wrecking another driver either pre-race, race, or post race, malicious uttering of vulgar language or racial slurs toward another driver, or any activity or utterance outside of PRN events (facebook, instagram, forums, and any other form of social media posts) which is clearly detrimental to the PRN league.

Any driver that appears to take out a fellow competitor on purpose (as determined by race admin) will be disqualified for that race and suspended for the next race.
Upon a second violation of this rule, that driver will be removed from that series and or league.

Final Standings

It is impossible to list every conceivable issue that may arise. With that said, the standings that the game posts at the end of the race are official, pending any imposed penalties. The finishing order will only be modified if a penalty is handed out by admin and the enforcement of that penalty causes a change in the finishing order.

Penalties are handed down by the series administrators. Every effort will be made not to hand out penalties. It is our philosophy, if every driver is using "league before self", the sim will "police" itself. Penalties will only be needed for extreme cases where a driver is negligent in his responsibility to be clean. Much as in real racing world. Accidents happen, and can be avoided by either party. Every incident does not require a penalty. PRN is not a babysitting service, you are just as responsible for your race as those that are racing you. Bottom line: race clean for yourself and others.

The following Penalty structure is in place and applies to every driver in all series (Unless otherwise stated)
  • First Offense - A WARNING will be issued for a first offense, and PROBATON.
  • Second Offense - A second offense will have race SUSPENSION (1 to 3 races to be determined).
  • Third Offense - A third offense will bring EXPULSION from the series and or league.
  • End of Season Penalties - If a penalty occurs at the end of the season when there are not enough races left to serve the penalty, that driver will receive a points deduction equivalent to the amount of races required by the suspension penalty.

    Example: If a driver receives a three-race suspension in the last race of the season, he will lose points equal to 3 races) from their final points tally. This is to ensure all penalties are served in the current year and not carried over into the next season. However the Board can review league detrimental actions and penalize that will overlap seasons.

All standards violations and issuances of penalties are interpreted and assessed by the race administrators. There is no appeal or protest process. The race administrators are the final authority. At no time is it required for enforcement of these standards to be backed by a printed and fully specific and explanatory rule. Infractions are ultimately decided upon by Admin. Admin will favor racing over penalties, but careless behavior that affects the overall success and value of a race is subject to corrective action.

WE RACE CLEAN AND RESPECTFULLY!!! That is the foundation of this league and its success hinges upon it.

The Premier Race Network stands for and is committed to "REAL RACING, SERIOUS FUN" sim racing. Participation as if it were an arcade video game will not be tolerated. Accordingly, the PRN does not tolerate cheats or exploits of any kind. Any driver SUSPECTED of using a cheat or exploit will be removed from the league roster until proven not to be using a cheat or exploits.

Should any driver suspect a cheat or exploit is being used by a fellow driver, DO NOT accuse or say anything. Please send an e-mail to:   Reportcheaters@iracing.com League admins will review any information and make a determination if the driver is to be suspended from the league roster or not.

Remember league membership is a privilege, drivers that do not conform to the standards required by this league WILL BE REMOVED.

We are always looking for good clean drivers to round out our race roster. If interested, send us an e-mail and a recruiting form will be sent out to you.
For details click the Contacts tab above or e-mail Ned or Pat respectively at:
  PremierRaceNetwork@gmail.com or PremierRaceNetwork2@gmail.com

The foundation of this league is friendship through competition. We want you all to enjoy the competition but do so in a manner that keeps friendship as the focal point. League before self is a must and will keep our races close as well as fun. We celebrate in each other's accomplishments and empathize with each other's failures. The admin is fair and impartial. If you receive a penalty, it was because the administrator agreed that you deserved it. Don't get mad, just learn from it and try not to make the same mistake again. Remember the penalty system is cumulative. What seems like a harmless 10-point penalty at the beginning of the season is actually one-step closer to a race suspension later in the season.

Racing in this league is a privilege, not a right. The admin has the right to remove you from the series and or the league. There is no requirement to allow any driver in any series to proceed through the penalty system before being removed. The admin has the responsibility to protect the series. The Admin has the responsibility to protect the members of this league and the integrity of every race. Drivers that do not conform to the standards required by this league WILL BE REMOVED.

We are excited about this league and hope that you are as well. We look forward to being your place to race and want to thank you all for choosing PRN as your home for Online Racing.