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Special 2019 Notice to all new PRN drivers!

We have been evaluating all new members during our preseason and we have approved a large group of Rookie drivers to run in the Class A series this year.

All drivers who were trying out must check our website drivers page for (Class A ROTY) in 2019. If you don't have this ((Class A ROTY) in 2019) ask how you can improve your chances to run Class A (if that is your intention). All the drivers who still haven't qualified, can still run in lower divisions to qualify.

If you aren't approved to run Class A, make sure you don't join Sunday and take a spot reserved for Class A approved drivers.
***This could get your membership revoked and blacklisted for all 2019 with no further chance to qualify or race with the PRN.***

If your intention were to run in our lower divisions (Class B, C, or open), no worries, you are already qualified by being a member of the PRN.

Good luck to you all in 2019

Ned Adams

TO NOTE! PRN on "Part Time" drivers showing up last minute and unprepared to race. Example: in the past, the PT drivers might have impacted a drivers chances at the race win or a championship (even if it was unintentional the damage was done).

In 2019 all PT drivers must be in the practice server from start to finish, and on track doing consecutive laps the full practice to ensure a safe race for all members.

Scheduled Practices

Official Race Practice - All drivers must be on the track for at least 30 minutes of the official race practice or they will "start and park". An exception can be made on a race by race basis if the driver contacts a race admin prior to the race and advises of their need to arrive late.

It is not fair to the drivers who put hours in to their craft to be taken out by a late show.

Practice is very important and we encourage all of you to participate fully. This is usually the only time you will get to run with each other prior to the actual race. Learning how others drive and how you measure up will help in having a successful race.

Please try to be there if you can on the specified times for your series!

Absolutely no PT driver will be allowed to race if they join late! All part time drivers are held to the same standards set by PRN rules.

If you aren't able to join on time, make sure you don't join Sunday and take a spot reserved for Class A regular.
***This could get your membership revoked and blacklisted for all 2019 with no further chance to race with the PRN.***

Ned Adams

The intent of this award is to promote and reward clean driving in the 2019 PRN Cup Series. The award is structured to enable competition for the PRN Clean Driver of the Year designation among the top 20 finishing (charter member) drivers of each race.

The Clean Driver Award competition is available only to PRN Charter members (see PRN rules for charter eligibility) in the PRN Cup (A car) Series.

The Clean Driver of the Year Award rules are as follows for the 2019 season:

1. For each of the 36 races of the PRN Cup Series the highest finishing driver with ZERO incidents will receive a $5.00 award paid in iRacing credits following the race. If the highest finishing driver is also the WINNER of the race the award will be doubled to $10.00.

2. At the conclusion of the 36 race season the driver who has accumulated the most races finishing with ZERO incidents will be designated the Clicking With Canines/PRN Clean Driver of the Year and receive a certificate suitable for framing noting the accomplishment AND a monetary award of $200.

3. If the driver finishing with the most ZERO incident races is ALSO the PRN Cup Champion an additional bonus of $50.00 will be awarded.

4. In the event of a tie, the driver finishing higher in the final PRN race point standings will prevail.

5. A driver must finish in the top 20 positions to earn a race award.

6. A driver must complete at least 50% of the laps in a race to earn a race award.

7. Any driver who is found in violation of PRN League Rules (or the iRacing Sporting Code) and/or determined by the league Administrator to have engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct during a race will be ineligible to earn a race award.

Clean Driver awarded to Ned Adams
The PRN clean driving sponsored by Clicking With Canines to award our Class A's cleanest driver of the year.

In 2018 Ned would compete for the championship in Class A finishing 7th in points with 36 starts, 2 poles, 5 wins, 19 top 5's 26 top 10's Congratulations!

The PRN is proud to have Ned Adams win this award! He has demonstrated the true gentlemen racing that can exist at the top level of NASCAR racing!

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