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Clean Driver awarded to Mark Montenieri
The PRN who preaches clean driving, is sponsored by Clicking With Canines to award our Class A's cleanest driver of the year.

In 2016 Mark would compete for the championship in Class A finishing 2nd in points with 34 starts, 2 provisionals, 4 poles, 2 wins, 16 top 5's 23 top 10's and the least amount of incidents over the year. Congratulations!

Our 2016 Champion Jason Moon 2nd, Sam Karpouzos 3rd, Pat McWhoter 4th, Ned Adams rounding out the top 5 in the Clean Driver Award.

The PRN is proud to have Mark Montenieri win this award! He has demonstrated the true gentlemen racing that can exist at our top level!

Congratulations on making the 2016 Chase for the Championship! The 16 Drivers are listed in order below.
1. Ned Adams
2. John Hammer
3. Gil Gauck
4. Wayne Grasse
5. Tim Phillips
6. Michael Blake
7. Mark Montenieri
8. Jason Moon
9. Blair Stephenson
10. Skyler Allen Sr
11. Jeff Bratten
12. Sam Karpouzos
13. Pat McWhorter
14. Steve Benjamin
15. Fred Scarfi
16. Marc Mousseau

Follow them all the way to the checkers in Homestead!

The 'Clicking With Canines' Clean Race Award

The intent of the award is to promote and reward clean driving in the PRN Cup series. Below are the drivers and points earned at the mid-season mark toward the Clicking With Canines/PRN Clean Driver of the Year Award.

Per award rules, the driver at the finish of the last race of the season who is in the clean driver point lead will be the 2016 Clicking With Canines/PRN Clean Driver of the Year and be awarded an additional 100 points. All drivers who have accumulated clean driver points will receive a monetary payout of $1.00 per point.

As a reminder, to be eligible to earn clean driver points in each race drivers must finish in the top 20, complete at least half of the race laps, and compete in 21 of the first 26 PRN races (including provisionals).

(thru race 17, Daytona)

Points - Driver
19-Mark Montenieri
11-Sam Karpouzos
10-Jason Moon
10-Pat McWhorter
10-John Hammer
6 - Jeff Hale, Sr.
6 - Ned Adams
5 - Wayne Grasse
5 - Matthew Scott
4 - Brian Bennett
4 - Michael Blake
3 - Michael E. Campbell
2 - Tim Philips
2 - Jesse Kaplan
2 - Fred Scarfi
2 - Gil Gauck
1 - George Gaulin

Feb 15, 2015 - Clicking with Canines sponsors PRN Clean Driver in 2017

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